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Emergency Creative Writing: A Review of Essay Generator Tools

Everyone knows that having an overloaded schedule does not typically boost your creativity, especially when the deadline is approaching. Quite often, the hardest part is to start, i.e. to compose an introduction, to formulate the main idea or to sketch an outline. Fortunately, there is a way to automate – or at least to drastically speed up – the writing process. Let us investigate closer what you can do with an essay generator (free online tools are preferred).

Essay Writing Software

This random essay generator produces texts on chosen topics, reshuffling their paragraphs and sentences each time to ensure their uniqueness. Users can specify bibliography sources that will be cited and referenced in the essays that are generated this way. Other controls such as limit of words and research depth provide more options for a quality result. The demo version is available online on the website, without a mandatory registration, and the resulting text can be copied to a separate document. You can also choose to run it locally and to download this essay generator. Free download is possible though subscription plans with some advanced options for customers are also available. This tool is intended for both students and corporate content creators.


  • free, 
  • contains special options for text randomization.


  • first run with a new keyword might be long.

Essay Typer by AllEssay Writer

This essay generator has a built-in AI that automates the writing process for the user. After entering your topic at the home page you can start typing and the AI will instantly replace your input with matching fragments from its database. The website claims that the knowledge base of this tool is really huge, which hopefully means high relevance of fragments which get auto-selected. Once you have decided that enough text has been generated, just click on the ‘Save’ link and the text is downloaded as a PDF. In addition to that you will be prompted to get expert help for your essay or to order one with the help of this service. 

Text generator is free, plus an additional free plagiarism check is available, without registration. At the same time AllEssay Writer has a number of paid services, from ordering an entire essay to getting access to specific dedicated features such as the essay conclusion generator.

AllEssay Writer might be helpful for any kind of customer, from students to content managers.


  • free and quick text generation, 
  • can be saved without logging in, 
  • no word limit.


  • numerous prompts and popups suggesting paid services, 
  • significant user input is required to generate a text.


This free essay generator (online free text creation with registration required to save the result) constructs a text from small paragraphs which are suggested to a user one by one. The process is as follows:

  1. User specifies the topic.
  2. After a quick research Essaybot provides user with a couple of relevant paragraphs based on this input. 
  3. Typing a few more words changes the selection of the suggested paragraph. 
  4. After the user chooses a paragraph to proceed with, it gets slightly rewritten (user can accept to reject the rewriting) and is put into the text.
  5. The user is asked to proceed with further selection from suggested paragraphs. 
  6. In the end it is possible to check the resulting essay for grammatical errors and plagiarism. 
  7. If you wish to copy, save or download it, the website will prompt you to sign up. 

Free trial is available but you will be prompted to select a paid subscription, which unlocks the following features:

  • Search and suggestion of best content
  •  Finding matching citations
  •  Checking spelling and grammar
  •  Downloading as a Word document

The tool’s target audience are college and university students.


  • free tier, 
  • quick search for matching paragraphs.


  • cannot copy without logging in, 
  • limited free functionality, 
  • UI is not quite handy.

Auto Writer – Dr Assignment

Another online text generating tool, which suggests users a number of settings for fine-tuning an automatic article creation with given keywords. These settings include:

  • research depth, 
  • spinning rate, 
  • keyword density, 
  • text volume limit,
  • reference style. 

The generator can be used online or downloaded, for free and without a registration. Paid tier also available, providing access to extra content and 24/7 support. The target audience of this tool may include students, as well as corporate writers or webmasters.


  • free, 
  • has many options for essay customization, 
  • easy to use.


  • first run with selected keywords might be slow, 
  • local installation available only for Windows


This online service demonstrates quick automatic creation of an article following user’s input in the main text area. The version available online exists mainly as a demo and is thus free, however users are prompted to contact its owner in order to obtain any significant results for their own topics.


  • free and simplistic


  • no choice of keywords, 
  • main functionality is hidden.

Choose your Favorite Random Essay Generator!

Some of these tools can be more or less helpful for students in a hurry, and it is important to check carefully all the options that a college essay generator provides. The absence of plagiarism is crucial, but the readability of the resulting text deserves attention as well, so it is strongly advised to review such essay before submitting it. In any case, getting a quick write-up for a problematic topic would help you with the first steps and save you some precious time.

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