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Top 6 Essay Rewriting Tools

Writers are often faced with the challenge of maintaining originality in their work. When rewriting an article or a piece of text, it is always important to use your own words to advance the uniqueness of the target text. 

You should not change a few words, but instead rewrite the whole sentence. Some writers are fond of rearranging the order of a few words which does not reduce the risk of their work being plagiarism free. 

Paraphrasing a published article helps to communicate the key message while showing your personal understanding. You should do so without fear of plagiarizing someone else’s work. 

Some of the essay rewriting tools which will be reviewed are: 

  • Rewriter tools 
  • Paraphrasing tool 
  • QuillBot
  • Dupli Checker
  • Dr. Essay 
  • Ref-N-Write

Examples of Tools You can Use

Here are some of the tools which provide useful tips on how to become effective in rewriting: 

Rewriter Tools (

This tool provides writers with access to various services such as help in rewriting an article, paraphrasing, an article spinner, a grammar checker, word counter, and writing blog. 

The writer blog gives access to a number of tips that guide writers on content writing. Based on the services provided, 

Rewriter Tools centers on students, bloggers, as well as any person who might be interested in knowing the skill of rewriting. The services provided are free. 

  • Pros: The tool is free. It is easy to use. 
  • Cons: The essay rewriter cannot be download to your PC. It does not provide plagiarism or grammar checker services.

Paraphrasing Tool (

The major function of this software is to help paraphrase or rewrite both essays and articles. It seeks to help writers express simple statements and is not limited on the type of writing required.

This essay rewriter tool focuses on professional writers, bloggers, students, and any other person who might have a writing assignment and needs to rewrite some text. 

  • Pros: You can copy/paste the text you need paraphrased. It is free, fast, and easy to use. 
  • Cons: It provides only one service, paraphrasing. The software cannot be used offline or downloaded to PC. 

QuillBot (

This tool is simply used for rephrasing. The writer is expected to write up a 400-word limit piece of text after which it is rephrased. 

Unlike other resources, QuillBot has various modes such as Fluency, Standard, Suggestive, Creative and Concision. 

The essay rewriter caters for the needs of all kinds of writers whether students, teachers, bloggers, researchers, or business professionals. 

  • Pros: You can rephrase a text more than once. This essay rewriter software is simple and easy to use. 
  • Cons: Only standard services are free. You need to purchase a premium version to access advanced services. There is a limitation in the number of words that can be paraphrased. 

Dupli Checker (

The essay rewriting software provides a guide of how to rewrite content. There are various options provided such as pasting content or choosing a file from your computer’s drive or other location such as cloud. 

Dupli Checker can be used by bloggers, students, professional writers, etc. It is a free essay rewriter tool that provides a number of services such as: Article rewriter, Spell Check, Plagiarism Checker and Grammar check functionalities. 

  • Pros: Provides a wide range of services. Dupli Checker is free, simple and easy to use. Can convert image to text. 
  • Cons: The essay rewriter tool is limited to online use.  

Dr. Essay (

As an essay rewriter generator, Dr. Essay performs various functions such as generating articles, allowing access to a research assistant, article rewriter, sentence shuffler, and reference generator. 

Dr. Essay helps different kinds of writers regardless of the type of writing such as reports, thesis, blogs, essays, school assignments, research papers, and more. 

The variety of software provided help individuals to research, organize sentences, rewrite texts, create a reference page, among other functions. While services provided are free, only members are able to access full features. 

  • Pros: The essay rewriter software provides a wide range of services suiting the different needs of writers. Anybody can use the essay rewriter generator. Dr. essay can be used online or downloaded to the user’s PC and can be used offline. 
  • Cons: Although services are free, only members can enjoy full features. The software does not provide plagiarism check and grammar check services. 

Ref-N-Write (

The essay rewriter is considered a must-have for helping individuals writing different kinds of texts such as reports, research papers, critics, essays, thesis/dissertations, among others. 

However, it is limited to academic and scientific paraphrasing services focusing mainly on students. Some of the features are such as word choice, an academic phrasebank, paraphrasing, as well as full-text searching capabilities. 

A combination of these features helps students in rewording their essays to avoid colloquial terms and ensure academic acceptability.  

  • Pros: The tool provides a variety of features that can help students become better in both academic essays as well as when writing scientific reports. There is a special focus on scientific writing as it provides suggestions for scientific words to avoid colloquial language. 
  • Cons: It is limited to online use. The students need to acquire premium membership for access to full features. Ref-N-Write is limited to academic and scientific forms of writing. It does not cater for bloggers or persons that might have other motives for writing. 

Concluding Remarks 

While most individuals find themselves struggling with avoiding plagiarism, they can use the various resources outlined above to sharpen their writing skills. Most of the tools are free, simple and easy to use. 

Writers can benefit from such services as grammar checks, spell check, plagiarism check, word counter, article spinner, as well as reference generator. The various resources can be used depending on the intent and needs of the writer. 

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