Top Four Essay Title Generating Tools

One of the defining features of a good essay is the attractiveness of its title. Readers are habitually critical of the title of an essay. As a writer, you are required to provide a “eye-catching” or “mouth-watering” title that captures the reader’s attention at the onset. 

A good title enables the reader to predict the content of the essay. It provides access to some of the key themes that are contained in the essay. The title should also reflect the tone of the writing itself. 

The reader should also be able to identify key words that might be located easily during a key word search. An essay title generator tool enables students to identify unique titles that are captivating to the reader. 

Following is the list of top four essay title generators: 

  • Essay Topics Generator 
  • EduBirdie 
  • Elite Writings 
  • Reword My Essay

Essay Topics Generator ( 

This free essay title generator is designed to help students and teachers come up with high quality essay titles. It contains a search button where the student or teacher can input keywords. 

Other sections are such as topic type and subject area which are used to narrow down the focus of the intended title. These features are helpful as they avoid having a title that does not address the content of the essay. 

Users can find research paper topics across different educational levels such as high school, college and university. 

  • Pros: It is simple, free and easy to use. It provides students and teachers different options to find the best possible essay topics. There is a wide range of topic and subject areas showing the multidisciplinary function of the title generator. 
  • Cons: It cannot be used offline. The subject area and topic type are limited to a specific number of fields or subject categories. The title generator is not suitable for bloggers or those engaged in informal writing. 

EduBirdie (

EduBirdie allows users to access a variety of unique themes. It focuses on students who are looking for ideas for their capstone essays, creative papers, argumentative essays, descriptive essays, research, among other forms of writing assignments. 

It also extends services to bloggers, who are given access to unique subject fields that they can write about. Common themes are such as art and design, history, religion, business and economic, natural sciences, and many more. 

  • Pros: The title essay generator tool is free, and easy to use. It provides users with a variety of subject categories that align with the keywords. EduBirdie is not limited to students alone as it provides services to bloggers and other professionals. 
  • Cons: It cannot be used offline. It does not have a section where the writer can select the type of topic. 

Elite Writings ( 

This title generator essay software is intended to help students find catchy essay topics for term papers, courseworks, dissertations, book reviews, among other types of writing. As an academic essay title generator, Elite Writings allows students to type keywords after which they can find the type of assignment and academic level. 

The service is provided free of charge and is mainly targeted at students at different levels. 

  • Pros: The essay title generator is free and can be easily accessed by students. It provides a wide range of categories that cover different types of assignment and the academic level of the student. 
  • Cons: It is limited to bloggers and other writers whose works are not for academic purposes. Although free, the tool cannot be downloaded and used offline. 

Reword My Essay (

Reword My Essay is a catchy essay title generator tool that appreciates the challenging task for coming up with a title among students. It is a creative essay title generator which helps students overcome the various restrains that are difficult to work-around.

The title generator enable students to focus on critical details such as the intention of writing, the topics that might be covered, among other considerations. The tool is provided freely over the internet with no offline use or access. 

  • Pros: Helps students get a better understanding of the course assignment. The student is given various headline options. It instills creativity and sets up the paper’s foundation. 
  • Cons: This title generator for essays is limited to students only. It does not provide services to content creators such as bloggers or other forms of writing. It is only limited to online access. 

Concluding Remarks 

These essay title generator tools are good for students, teachers, bloggers, and other content writers. They allow users an opportunity to select through different catchy titles for their business reports, argumentative papers, research essays, reflection papers, descriptive essays, among others.

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